One thing you will quickly learn from this blog is that I love a good deal!  I am always on the hunt for sales, coupons, and anything to help me get a bargain, especially when it comes to makeup.  So when I saw that Elf Cosmetics was having a 50% off sale plus free shipping if you spent $35, I was all over it.

I feel like recently Elf has really been stepping up their game.  I have been a fan of their products from the very beginning, and actually they were some of the first makeup brushes I ever purchased (The $1 brushes are actually pretty awesome!).  They have been staying up on all the trends, updating packaging, and basically I was very excited to get my hands on some of their newer items along with restocking on my absolute favorites.  My haul consisted of a good variety of makeup and their newer skincare items, and now that it has been a few weeks, I thought I would share my review of these products as well!



All of the makeup items I purchased during the Elf Cosmetics Online Sale!


High Definition Powder in Soft Luminance

Regular Price: $6

This was a refill purchase for me because I truly love this powder.  I use it every day to set my undereye area and I love the brightening effect it gives!  I personally think this is a crazy affordable dupe for the Kat Von D Lock-It Brightening Powder.


High Definition Powder in Sheer

Regular Price: $6

Another refill!  I use this powder for so much: “baking”, setting my undereye area for a more matte look, making a clean line for eyeshadow to follow, setting my entire face, pretty much everything.  I have had the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder and I have had this, and this one always wins out for me.


Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint Finishing Powder in Fair/Light

Regular Price: $6

The last refill powder!  I am devoted to this powder for setting my entire face.  It never gets cakey, it is such a light dusting to set down any tacky foundations, and I think it gives such a pretty sheen to the skin to keep the luminance of the foundation showing through.


Small tapered brush

Regular Price: $3

This is a pretty basic brush, but I love using this one for powder highlight.  I think the shape is perfect to just hit the cheekbones and apply that glow.



Natural Lash Kit

Regular Price: $2

I personally am not someone who wears falsies very often, really I only do for special events.  But when I do want to give my lashes that extra “va va voom” I love these inexpensive ones from Elf!  It comes with glue, the band is comfortable, and I think the style gives a “my lashes but better” appearance.  I always keep a pair of these in my vanity.


Liquid Matte Lipstick in “Praline” on top with the Matte Lip Color in “Praline” on bottom.

Liquid Matte Lipstick in Praline

Regular Price: $5

And now for my favorite makeup products of this haul…the lip products!  I feel like I hit the jackpot on these.  First up is the liquid lipstick in Praline.  I already know that this color will be my fall staple.  It is the perfect darker shade with warmth to it.  I already owned Praline in the Matte Lip Color version ($3) and I have gone through several tubes of this.  For me, it is seriously the perfect matte lipstick with just the right amount of color, and it is very buildable depending on how dark I want it.

Comparing the two, I would say that the Matte Lip Color is great for a wash of a deep matte, or for wearing underneath the liquid matte lipstick version.  The lip color does not feel drying on my lips, but I do find that it will fade throughout the day and I need to reapply.  As for the liquid matte lip, that $h!t STAYS.  I could barely even remove this swatch.  I love both of these so much, and will be wearing them both constantly!

Lip Plumping Gloss in Mocha Twist

Regular Price: $5

This is probably one of my top 5 all time lip glosses at this point.  The color is perfection, and the plumping effect is an added bonus.  If you do not like tingling lip products, then this is not for you.  This gloss does have a pretty powerful tingle, but I love it.  In comparison to the Buxom Full-On Lip Polishes I would say this Elf one tingles more, but they both have similar effects as far as looks.  The Elf one is a little more sheer, but I really do love them both!


Tinted Lip Oil in Nude Kiss

Regular Price: $6

I pretty much wear this every single day now.  This is probably the most moisturizing lip gloss that I own, and the color is a perfect pinky-nude.  It goes with everything and I especially love this on a no-makeup day when I am running to class just to give my lips that moisture and shine.


Top to Bottom: Praline Liquid Matte Lipstick, Praline Matte Lip Color, Nude Kiss Tinted Lip Oil, Mocha Twist Lip Plumping Gloss


Lip Exfoliator  in Coconut

Regular Price: $3

Last but not least for my makeup items, the lip exfoliator!  I used to have this in their original flavorless formula, but when I saw they now had a coconut version, I was sold because I love that scent!  I use this followed by my favorite everyday Sephora Collection lip balm in coconut–I’m a sucker for matching scents/flavors.  I think this is a must have item if you wear any liquid lipsticks, or if you just have dry lips.  I always use this before applying a matte lip product.



The Skincare items I purchased during the Elf Cosmetics Online Sale!


Mask Essentials Kit

Regular Price: $19 (currently on sale for $13!)

Hello, my name is Lex, and I am a mask-a-holic.  I LOVE masks, literally all kinds of them and they are my biggest splurge item.  I think this was my number one item I wanted to try when I saw the sale.  This kit was perfect to me because it came with the Hydrating Bubble Mask, and the Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool!  This mask is extremely unique.  You press down on the top and the liquid mask begins to come out.  I have seen mixed reviews on the packaging, but I personally am obsessed with this idea.  It is so hygienic and you don’t have to stick your fingers into a tub to get the mask!  So then you take the Mask Tool and swipe it all over your face in a thin layer.  Right away, it is so refreshing!  But then the magic happens: let the bubbles begin!  The mask slowly starts to bubble until (in about 10 minutes time) you look like you were just in the bath tub with bubbles overflowing!  I will be honest, this mask tickles, like a lot.  Maybe I’m weird, but I love it.  I think it feels like it’s cleaning my skin!  It “bubbles” out the dirt!  After about 10 minutes (if you can handle the tickles for that long) you rinse with warm water and the mask instantly transforms into a sort of clay-like texture which feels extremely moisturizing.  When it’s all done, you have a squeaky clean and hydrated face!  I use this mask about twice a week now, and I love it!  It isn’t the “most” hydrating mask in my collection, but I mostly love it for the cleansing properties along with the fun of using it.

As far as the Mask Tool, I wanted this to use with all of my other masks that come in a tub that need scooped out.  I am obsessed with this little tool and plus it adds that boujee feeling to any masking experience.  I don’t really use the little round brush side, but the silicon portion is perfect and so easy to keep clean.


Prep & Hydrate Balm

Regular Price: $8

Admittedly I was on the lookout for this product after hearing Kathleen Lights rave about it, and I must say she was so right!  This little balm is crazy refreshing.  My number one tip is to keep this in your refrigerator!  It takes the cooling sensation to the next level!  After a long day of work or studying, I come home, swipe this over my face, and I swear my skin just took a drink of water.  As a primer, do I think it extends the wear of my makeup?  Not really, but it seems to sink into fine lines and just really hydrates my skin to prepare the canvas.


Gentle Peeling Exfoliant

Regular Price: $10

This is the only product from this haul that I could take it or leave it.  I was excited to try this because of all of the great reviews, and because I had been struggling with dry skin that I was hoping to exfoliate right off.  It’s an interesting product, when you apply it to the face it immediately appears that skin is just balling up and sloughing off.  But after I rinsed my face, I couldn’t say that I noticed a “huge” difference.  I have used it about twice a week, but I just don’t think it has made a noticeable difference.  I have other exfoliators in my collection that I am much more committed too (*cough cough* Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub I’m looking at you baby).


Beauty Shield Massaging Overnight Recovery Cream

Regular Price: $14

Introducing what I believe to be hands down some of the best skincare packaging EVER.  This bottle will remain in my skincare collection forever, even long after this bottle is empty because of those beloved rollerballs on the bottom of it.  I love the whole idea of Elf’s Beauty Shield collection!  Fighting environmental aggressors is what we all want, right?  Speaking about the cream product itself, I am obsessed.  It is definitely a nighttime only product because of how thick it is, but it is awesome.  I am always drawn to Vitamin C products, and this one does not disappoint.  I think it is extremely hydrating, and I swear my skin is always glowing the next day.

Now about this packaging…perfection.  It has an “on” and “off” feature for the dispensing of the product, which is essential.  I use this in the “off” position and literally rub every product I have in with these roller balls.  When I have a headache, I use this roller balls all over my temples and it is soooo relaxing.  These do not necessarily blend products into your skin, but it dispenses it all over in the most relaxing way possible.  I can’t really rave about this enough because I personally think it feels like you are always giving yourself a spa-like facial at home, and you can use it with any product you have!


Acne Fighting Spot Gel with Aloe

Regular Price: $2

For the price, you really can’t beat this.  What I love about it is that it goes on completely clear, and it contains aloe which is great for healing a breakout.  If I feel a little something coming on, I just apply this under my makeup and I really think it helps!

So there you have it, my Elf Cosmetics Haul and Review!  Not only did I restock on some of my holy grail products, but I found some new loves as well!  In the end, this entire haul cost me $63.39 with tax (new items were not included in the 50% off) and I was thrilled with this purchase!

What are some of your favorite Elf products?  Let me know what I need to pick up next time!


*Some of the above links are affiliate links and I will earn a portion of the sale if you purchase the product using my link*

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  2. I also love elf! They have some amazing products for such good prices. I’ve wanted to try out their skincare products and its so good to hear you liked them. Definitely will pick some up!

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