It is no secret that I love to browse the “New & Now” section of the Sephora app in my down time.  It is also no secret that makeup is EXPENSIVE!  So as both a makeup lover and a student, I am always trying to make sure that I get the best deals possible and make my money go the farthest, at the same time as getting the highest quality products I can.  This leads me to the motivating game I occasionally like to play called “If you pick up extra shifts at work this week, you can go to Sephora!”.  Recently I just had a craving to swatch everything in sight and of course check out the new Fenty Beauty line in person, so I decided that if I picked up 2 shifts, whatever money I made I would take with me to shop till I drop.  In the end, I made $150 and I wanted to share what I (carefully) decided to buy with that money because I think I found some awesome products!



Sephora Collection Lip Balm in Coconut

Price: $6

Let’s start with the less exciting refill item.  Yes, this is just a coconut lip balm, but it is sooo good!  I love this one and this is the second time I have purchased it.  I have a thing about matching my product “flavors” so I specifically like this because I have the Elf Lip Exfoliator in Coconut (which I talked about in my Elf Cosmetics Haul & Review) that I use before I put this balm on and the combination is like a tropical vacation that makes your lips so soft!  So while this product isn’t really “new” I knew I had to pick up a new one and I see myself continuing to buy this!


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Price: $20

Sticking with the lip product theme, I had been eyeing this product ever since the brand recently became available at Sephora.  I already own the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (which I plan to talk about soon in a future post) and I think it is amazing if you have dry skin.  After seeing how good that face mask was, I really wanted to try the lip mask!  I have really dry and sensitive skin in general, but my lips get so cracked that they hurt.  I knew I needed to start looking into something thicker and more moisturizing than just a balm to leave on over night, and when I tried this on in store, I was sold.  It has a delicious berry smell and is so thick and hydrating without being sticky.  It has 4.9 stars with 554 reviews for a reason!  If you have dry lips or just want that extra pillowy softness, I highly recommend this product.  I make sure to use it the night before I plan on wearing a liquid lipstick!



Sephora Make No Mistake Concealer

Price: $14

Next up I purchased the new Sephora collection concealer and let me start by saying this stuff is no joke.  When they say high coverage, they are not kidding!  I really wanted to grab this after seeing several youtubers rave about it.  It is more than I usually pay for a concealer (Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is only $6.99 at Ulta and they always have coupons you can use on it) but everyone was saying how you barely need any product and that this will last you a while–and they were so right.  You need the tiniest amount ever to cover up any under-eye dark circles, blemishes, basically anything.  I have mine in the shade 04 Ginger and I use my beauty blender to buff it out when I am doing a more full coverage look.  I don’t think it settles into fine lines if you set it with a powder, and I also don’t find it to be drying!  This is for sure a win.



Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Price: $40

I had been wanting this for SO LONG, I am so excited I finally have this baby!!!  I recently did my best friend’s makeup for her wedding and when I used her contour powder I was a little blown away at how much easier it blended than my drugstore contour powders that I had been using on myself.  I decided it was time to invest in a quality kit, and Anastasia is known for her contour kit so I knew it was the one I wanted.  I got mine in Light to Medium and I think it is the perfect kit for anyone looking to practice their own contour and also to use for freelancing.  There are several things that I love about this, the first of course being the range of shades.  You have cool tones, warm tones, two highlight shades, and the yellow powder which is amazing to set under-eye concealer.  You could easily find a shade to match a client of different undertones with this.  In addition, you can use these shades on yourself for a warmer bronzed look or a cooler structured contour.  I find this to be so versatile and when I am going to spend $40 on something, I need to have several uses for it!  Another major pro to this kit that I appreciate is that each pan can be removed and a new one can be added.  So say you just love the yellow powder and you use it everyday and you run out of that one first–you don’t need to buy a whole new kit!  You can buy a single pan of the yellow and just pop the old one out and slide the new one right in.  I’m so happy to be adding this to my collection!



Fenty Contour and Concealer Brush

Price: $24

This product was really twofold as to why I purchased it.  First, I had just grabbed the Contour Kit and I was thinking to myself “I don’t have a contour brush that I actually like and now I have a really nice contour kit”.  Second, I was loving the Fenty Beauty display and wanting to add one of Rihanna’s products to my collection.  And thus, the purchase of the expensive brush was born.  But honestly, I love this little brush!  It is compact and portable, the packaging is so sleek and gorgeous, and it’s magnetic (in case you purchase any of her other items then they all click together).  I personally find contouring to be so much easier with a small, dense brush like this.  As soon as I felt it I knew I would like it, it’s the exact size of a contour line and blends like a dream.  It was the perfect compliment to my Anastasia kit!


Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 in Color 2

Price: $48

Now for the grand finale…..I now own a Natasha Denona palette!!!  These 5 colors were…wait for it…$48.  Which makes them almost $10 per shade and I kept2017_10_17_1389.JPG thinking–could it be worth it?  Well, if you have been debating about these shadows, debate no more.  They are absolutely worth it.  I have seen youtubers rave about Natasha Denona shadows for so long, and considering one of her larger palettes is usually $129-$169, I knew the only way I would personally try these is by getting the small one.  It’s hard to explain how these shadows are so good, but they are extremely creamy and it literally takes one swatch to get this pigment payoff.  They glide on so smoothly that they actually feel wet.  Not only is the color payoff insane, but the colors in general are just perfection to me.  This taupey-neutral-shimmery goodness is everything I want.  I wanted to choose a palette of hers that I could see myself wearing a lot, and this one was it!  You can do a neutral bronzy eye, you can spray your brush with MAC Fix Plus to get an ultra metallic and shimmery look, or you can play with the pop of color and make a beautiful burgundy smokey eye.  This was a big splurge item, but I have been using this palette almost every day and I haven’t regretted it once!  To me, it’s worth the hype!

There we have it–6 items for $152.  Is that expensive? Absolutely!  But when you love makeup and have a passion for it, every now and then you have to treat yourself to some high-end items!  I always do my research before splurging, and all of the reviews were spot on with these products.   That’s my “ballin’ on a budget” Sephora haul!  I had a blast taking my day off and picking out new items and just being surrounded by makeup, it’s like being a kid in a candy store!  Let me know what new products I should look out for next!


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