It’s becoming more and more apparent that YouTube is the future of our entertainment industry.  You can get on YouTube and learn pretty much anything, watch original shows and movies, and even catch up on the news.  Honestly, I watch more YouTube than I do cable!  I have always been drawn towards makeup, but in high school when I started watching tutorials, it really fueled the fire for me and several of my favorite beauty YouTubers truly inspire me.  Desi Perkins and Katy DeGroot (known as LustreLux on YouTube and Katy on Instagram) are two of those YouTubers that I look up to.  You have probably seen Desi on the trending page of YouTube around Halloween each year, as she is one of the best Special FX tutorial artists I have seen (I will never forget last years melting skull tutorial  !!!).  Both Desi and Katy are so creative and they make you laugh in every video.  You get to know them and their families through their channels, and they have such a strong friendship, you know they are true besties!  They both taught themselves everything they know and decided to leave their jobs and give YouTube a try, and now they have around 2 million subscribers each.  They are 2 of my top 5 favorite YouTubers, and when they announced their first ever collaboration with a brand, I knew right away I wanted to support them and own something from their collection.


Opening my package!  This picture is everything!

Dose of Colors has been growing at a rapid rate for a few years now.  I remember when YouTubers first started talking about it and I always thought “their packaging is gorgeous”.  I actually have never owned anything from them because 1) it is only available online and it’s harder for me to purchase something that I can’t swatch and 2) while I would like to purchase all of the makeup I see (Hi my name is Lex and I have an addiction), I have to pick and choose and display some type of self control.  I was so happy to hear this was the brand Desi and Katy would be collaborating with!  The amazing thing about this collaboration is that they didn’t just create 1 or 2 products for their first time, they created an entire collection consisting of 5 lip products, 2 highlighters, and 1 eyeshadow palette.  It was such a tough decision for me to pick one product, but when I kept seeing swatches and tutorials using “The Girls” eyeshadow quad, I couldn’t stop thinking about the colors!


They named the palette “The Girls” after their dogs (which are all so cute just FYI) and each shadow is named for a dog’s nickname–how adorable is that.  2 shadows are meant to be used wet, and 2 are regular dry formulas.  All of the shadows have INSANE pigmentation and the colors are extremely unique.  Yes, one is a bronze shade (“Noli”) and you’re probably wondering, “how is that unique?” but this bronze is different.  The shade is the perfect bronze color, it glides on and looks metallic, and can be used in so many different eye looks you want to create.  “Harpoon” and “Turbosan” are unlike any shadows I have in my collection, these colors are gorgeous and I constantly get compliments when I wear them.  “Suz” is the best inner corner highlight I have used in a while.  This palette is amazing and ever since I received this, I can’t stop using it!




Packaging is just one part that makes up a great product.  Sometimes, the packaging may be cheap but the product inside is what counts and that stuff is bomb.  But I have to say that I know they took a lot of time designing and choosing the packaging for their collection and they absolutely NAILED it.  This sparkly gold/nude sequin packaging is the prettiest thing in my makeup collection!


“The Girls” eyeshadow quad is available for $28


From top to bottom: Suz (used wet), Harpoon (used wet), Turbosan, Noli

I love supporting YouTubers when they get to do a collaboration and make their dreams come true.  I will be honest and also say that while I love to support them, not all collaborations live up to the hype.  This one–it lives up to it and surpasses it.  I can only speak for the eyeshadows, but I give them a 10/10!  This is the LAST RESTOCK of this collection!  If you want to get something, get it now or forever hold your peace!  The Girls palette is still available ($28), so get it while you can.  My main piece of advice with these shadows would be to apply them before your foundation because there is some fallout.  Personally, I don’t mind fallout at all when the shadows are this pigmented.  Also, I think these work the best when applied with your finger versus a brush just because it really packs product on that way.

So there you have it, 2 of my favorite YouTubers created an eyeshadow palette and I can’t recommend it enough!  Let me know if you picked up anything from this collection!  I can’t wait to see what these two start working on next.


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