Face masks are by far my favorite form of skincare!  They are relaxing, they usually smell good, and they work!  I previously did a post on my top 5 favorite sheet masks, but now I wanted to share my top 5 regular masks!  While sheet masks do provide more convenience, regular masks come with their own benefits and I love to go back and forth between sheet masks and regular masks to gain all of the masking goodness that I can!



Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Price: $8.49

This was one of the very first face masks that I started using and fell in love with.  This mask is honestly crazy because it truly works and it is so budget friendly.  I remember watching so many YouTube videos where people raved about this, and I wanted to see what all the hype was about and I’m so glad that I did.  You get a pound of clay for less than $10 on Amazon!  This is a clay mask, so it dries until it is completely hardened.  When this mask says it is the most powerful facial, they are not kidding.  You may feel some tingling, but that means it’s working!  The best way to use this mask is to mix the clay with apple cider vinegar and then apply it evenly to your face.  This mask is amazing for breakouts, blackheads, and for drawing impurities out of the skin.  I specifically use this when I feel that my skin is congested, and it leaves your skin feeling so fresh.  For the price, I think everyone should keep this mask in their collection just in case!  You get so many uses out of this tub, a little goes a long way.  I recommend this to people all of the time!



Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Price: $58

If I had to pick one mask as my absolute favorite, it would be this one.  I will continue to repurchase this for a long time!  It just so happens that this mask smells like pumpkins–my favorite thing!  The reason I am obsessed with this mask is because I see results immediately.  You only leave this mask on for 3-7 minutes, but that’s all it takes for this mask to do its magic.  This mask uses AHAs to resurface the skin, and when you rinse it off, the pumpkin is a physical exfoliator as well.  This mask really brightens your face, helps with dark spots, and makes everything so smooth!  What more could you ask for?



Ole Henrikson Berry Nurturing Gel Mask

Price: $36

I feel like this mask is what I reach for when my face is just in a “hangover” type of situation.  When you are just dull, dry, tired, and your skin isn’t looking it’s best, this mask is so soothing it instantly refreshes you.  It smells like lavender and it’s cooling, this mask is like a spa in a jar.  Whenever I just need something that is calming or my skin is irritated, I know this mask will help with the redness and to get it back to normal.



Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On

Price: $6.99

This mask is one of the best brightening masks I have used!  My favorite part is that it is a peel off mask, so no rinsing required!  It is very sticky to apply, but then it dries, and you can peel the whole thing right off and throw it away!  It is so easy to wear around the house because it won’t drip or move.  I love to use this during the day before I put on makeup because I feel like it pulls off dead skin with it!  They also have a mini size for around $3 at Target, so I highly suggest giving this mask a try.



Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Price: $25

I am a huge fan of K-beauty products (Korean Skincare) because I feel like they work so well and are so worth the money.  This brand has quickly become one of my new favorites!  I previously reviewed the Laneige Lip Mask (Recent Sephora Purchase: New Products!) and talked about how hydrating it was.  This face mask takes that hydration to a new level.  It feels as if my skin literally took a huge drink of water after I apply this.  This is by far the most hydrating item I have in my skin care collection.  After cleansing, you apply an even layer of this all over your face, leave it on while you sleep, and wake up to plump and dewy skin!  Especially during the winter months when I get very dry, this mask is a life saver.  At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel wearing a mask overnight–would it get on my pillow?  Would I make a mess?  But really this is like a very intense lotion, and it doesn’t get on anything when I sleep.  It is cold when you put it on, making it even more refreshing.  It really sinks in, and any dry spots you had are gone!  I tell all of my dry skin friends about this, it is definitely a must-have!

These were my top 5 face masks that I use on a regular basis!  Let me know what your favorites are and which masks I should check out next!


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