As soon as Ulta sends me a coupon in the mail, I just know that I am in trouble.  This time, I received one of the best ones they offer–the 20% including prestige brands!!!  This is what prompted this shopping trip!  I had been making a “wish list” of sorts, so I knew what I was hoping to pick up with my coupon.  Then of course when I was at Ulta, I was so close to Sephora, I couldn’t just neglect it…(what every makeup addict tells themselves).  So here we are, 10 new products later!


IMG_4715.jpgTarte Shape Tape Concealer

Price: $27

This was the main item that I knew I wanted to buy.  I finally gave in when all of my favorite YouTubers included this concealer in their yearly favorites videos TWO years in a row!!!  It blows my mind that this concealer has remained the go-to for so many people for so long, so I just had to see what the hype was about.  I’ve only used it twice since I bought it, but wow, now I understand.  I have used my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($7) for years at this point, and I still love it!  But I think now I can see the difference between a drugstore concealer and a higher end product as far as coverage.  The Shape Tape covers everything with barely any product.  It is thick, but not drying.  It really blends right into the skin and just makes everything brighter.  The Fit Me does require more product, but still gets the job done!  I’m glad I have this in my collection now to use when I want that extra flawless makeup!
IMG_4721Dose of Colors Sassy Siennas Eyeshadow Palette

Price: $32

Here’s the thing: did I need another eyeshadow palette? Absolutely not.  But here I am, and it’s just so pretty!  Basically I saw Katy (LustreLux on YouTube) use this palette in her video and I thought her eye makeup looked incredible, so I wanted to try it out!  I thought this was the perfect time to check it out since I had a coupon!  My first impression is that the shadows are insanely pigmented, so I can’t wait to play around with this some more!


IMG_4717.jpgBad Gal Bang Mascara

Price: $24

So why did I purchase this?  Because 2 YouTubers I love were currently on the trip to Amangiri where Benefit was unveiling this new product and everyone looked amazing and they were having so much fun!  So you can say the advertising Benefit was hoping for worked on me!  This might be the best thing I picked up at Ulta though.  I have been in a committed relationship with my Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara (reviewed in my recent Brand Spotlight: Lancome post) and while I still think the Lancome one is amazing, this new Benefit mascara is completely different.  This is my “are those her real lashes?” mascara.  My fiancé actually asked me if I was wearing individual false lashes when I wore this for the first time!  It’s hard to explain, there is zero clumping, and the brush is so small it grabs each lash individually.  It’s amazing, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a natural glam!

Loreal Color Riche Shine Lipstick

Price: $9.99

As soon as I saw these, I knew I would love them, which is why I picked two colors!  These are lipsticks, but they are “shiny” or “glossy”, it’s so interesting.  Sometimes my lips just can’t do something completely matte, but I am not in the mood for a gloss either, and that’s where I knew these would come in handy.  They feel like a chapstick, super moisturizing, yet they have such a great color payoff!  I knew I could leave these in my purse and throw them on at any time.


IMG_4704Son & Park Beauty Water and Beauty Filter Cream Glow

Price: Beauty Water $30

Beauty Filter Cream Glow $32

I actually picked up the Beauty Water by Son & Park in my last Sephora Sale Haul! post, and it is safe to say it is a holy grail product for me!  I have never had so many people comment on my how good my skin looks in my entire life, and I am attributing it to this product.  I use it twice a day, every single day, and it keeps my skin so incredibly clean.  It tones and exfoliates your skin, which I think is the main reason why my skin has been so smooth.  It literally picks up all of the dead skin that could clog your pores and leaves your skin glowing.  I had to refill on this because I think it has changed my skin!

In addition to my refill on Beauty Water, when I saw that Son & Park was bringing another product to Sephora, I immediately wanted to try it since I have had such good results with their last product.  This Beauty Filter Cream Glow is meant to be the next step after Beauty Water, right before makeup application.  It adds in immediate glow to the skin, it controls oil like a primer, and it adds a “filter” to the skin with a light layer of coverage.  I have only used it once, but I think I’m going to love it!

IMG_4701.jpgDr. Jart Shake & Shot Brightening Mask

Price: $12

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE face masks.  They are my favorite part of my skincare routine and I can never have too many!  They are relaxing, they give me great results, and I just love to do one at the end of a long day.  When I saw this new Dr. Jart face mask in Sephora, I had to try it, how cute is that packaging!?  This is a DIY mask that you mix up in this adorable cup and apply to your skin, wait, and then peel it right off.  I was drawn to the brightening mask specifically because I love products with vitamin C to brighten and tighten the complexion.  I can’t wait to use this!

IMG_4705Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation

Price: $46

I finally did it, I finally took everyones suggestions to try out this foundation and I am SO glad I did!  I love experimenting with new foundations and using different ones to get different effects.  This foundation is probably the most “flawless” one that I now own.  It goes on so creamy and blends like a dream.  You barely need any product to cover your entire face, so it’s super buildable to the coverage you want!  I’m not sure what it is about this foundation stick, but it just makes your skin look airbrushed.  This will be my go-to event foundation and I am already thinking this will be my wedding foundation as well!
IMG_4710Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipstick

Price: $18

Every time a new Fenty product comes out, I get so tempted to buy it.  Between the incredible packaging and the high quality product itself, it can be so hard to resist!  I gave in to this one once I found this color: S1ngle.  I have been on the hunt for this exact color!! I wanted something like Lolita II  but not so matte and more peachy: and here it is!  The formula is buttery and perfect, not drying on the lips at all.  The packaging is so cool too!  I wore this lipstick to an overnight film shoot and it stayed almost the entire night, and you could barely even feel it on the lips!


There you have it!  Another makeup haul from my two favorite places!  Let me know if you love any of the products I just picked up, or what I need to keep my eye out for on my next haul!

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  1. Will have to get that Tarte concealer and see what hype is all about . Right now I’m using Collection 2000 and I swear by it <3

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