Recently my Ulta changed their layout and added more brands to the store!  Which was super exciting to me, especially because I usually don’t try “online only” brands since I can’t swatch or color match and I hate to pay for shipping when I don’t know if I will love it.  But when I saw all of these new displays, I decided to pick 2 brands I have never tried before and check them out!


First up is Models Own!  This is a British makeup brand, but it’s now available in the US.  I was immediately drawn to this brand because of the packaging, I mean how cute is this!?  The ombre colorful effect is so modern and pretty I had to pick it up.  I wanted to try something a little different, and I was really intrigued by the Colour Chrome eyeshadow kit (Price: $14.99).

The kit comes with an eyeshadow color, a mixing pan, and intensifying eye primer drops.  You take a little product on your brush, wipe it into the pan, add the drops, and mix it up!  It’s really easy and super fun!  The color after is AMAZING.  I picked up my kit in the shade Copper Lustre and it has been my go-to for the last week.  It looks almost wet on your eyelid it’s so shiny and shimmery.  You just need a simple transition shade in the crease with this on the lid and you are ready to go!


I love how different this product is and how cute the kit is.  I didn’t own anything like this, and so far this brand is a great find!

I really wanted to try a liquid lipstick product from this brand as well, mostly because I fell in love with this color!  I got the Lix Liquid Matte Lipstick in the shade Naked (Price: $7.99) and it’s my perfect nude!  Finally!!!  It matches everything and it doesn’t make my lips look too pale, too pink, it’s my perfect match.


Of course I loved the packaging–so sleek and modern.  I also thought it was really interesting that this liquid lip offered a minty scent.  Such a good idea!  I mean, I love minty lip glosses and chapsticks, so why not a liquid lipstick?  I wore this out to dinner and it stayed through my whole meal!  Definitely happy about this purchase.


The next new brand is Flower Beauty!  This brand was created by Drew Barrymore, and it is all so affordable!  Once again, the packaging is too cute.  I picked up this HydraSilk Ultimate Lip Butter in the shade Rose Petal (Price: $9.99).


This is one of those products that you keep with you in your purse because you can never go wrong putting this on.  It is SO creamy and hydrating, which is why I wanted it!  It gives just a flush of color with a shine.  I’ve heard great things about this cosmetic line, and now I see why!  I can’t wait to try more!

I’m so excited to have a few new brands that I can experiment with!  So far, I love the new additions to Ulta!  I look forward to continuing to branch out and try new things and let you know what I think!  Let me know what other brands I need to check out next!


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