The most recent makeup trend has been the holographic/galaxy inspired looks, which I think is so fun!  It’s different and unique and I love trying new things.  I received both of these products as gifts over the holidays so that I could achieve this type of look!  I also wanted to have these in my on set kit just in case I would need to create a character that was “out of this world”!


First up is the highly anticipated Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette.  The first thing about this eyeshadow palette is the insanely cool packaging.  Inside, there are 14 glitter eyeshadows that will add a pop to any eye look.  Some of these are more sheer topcoat colors that just add a little something to existing shadows, and others are more opaque shimmers.  Overall, this palette is so fun to play with!  The colors are really different from anything I owned and they kinda force you to go outside of your usual comfort zone.  They make me want to create an Effie Trinket inspired character look!  I would say the quality of the shadows is also really good.  There is fallout, but I feel like most glitter shadows have this as well.  Definitely use these on your eyes before you put on your foundation, but then you are good to go!


IMG_4774 (1)

IMG_4776 (1)

The next perfect “stellar” makeup product is the Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Lip Strobe Set.  These lip glosses layer perfectly on top of any color or you can wear them by themselves.  They are extremely iridescent and often look like different colors in different lighting environments.  In the packaging, they all look to be a white color, but when you swatch them, they have colorful undertones with duochrome glitters.  These make for the perfect festival look!  They are branded as a “winter” collection, but to me these are great for a party, a costume, or just to add an intriguing little flare to a lip look.

IMG_4780 (1).jpg


Both of these products are limited addition according to the Sephora website.  I think they are fun additions to any collection!  For me, you never know what you might need on a film set or what your next job could be, so I love having options!  It’s also fun to just play around and create new looks!


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