I’m always very intrigued by skin care, so I love learning about new trends and what to try next to get radiant, smooth skin!  Especially with my wedding just 6 weeks away (!!!!), I am on the hunt for that bride-to-be glow!  I have been hearing a lot about egg products being a skincare wonder, so I wanted to try this out and see what all of the hype was about.

I started researching what eggs can do for your skin, and here is a general list of what I found:

  • Albumin in egg whites can help tighten pores and clear blackheads
  • Egg yolk has hydrating properties
  • Egg whites contain collagen that can help fight wrinkles
  • Due to the skin tightening properties of eggs whites, it can reduce oil production and help those with oily skin

Not a bad list, right!?

I came across two egg products at Ulta, and decided to give them a try and see what results I could get!

First up, the very highly rated and talked about Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask (Price: $6).  The claims of this mask are that it provides you with hydration and brightening effects.  I also picked up the Egg White Perfect Nose Kit (Price: $4).  I was really drawn to this because of the fact that unlike any blackhead clearing strip I have used before, this came in 3 different steps (and the picture of the egg going from dirty to completely white really got me).


I actually loved the Egg Cream sheet mask!  It made my skin feel SO hydrated and didn’t leave me feeling sticky.  I did think my skin was a little brighter, and any redness I had was soothed.  This was a win for me!  Especially for $6, I would want to pick this up again.  As for the nose kit, I wasn’t overly impressed.  I have used the Biore Nose Strips for years, and I really like them!  The issue I have is that I don’t feel like they ever “fix” my blackhead situation on my nose, they just help a little and I have to continually use them, yet I never see that my nose is completely clear.  This is why I wanted to try a 3 step process, just in case I needed a little extra strength to see more results!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t really tell a difference between these and my Biore strips.  The process is really different though–the first strip is like a sheet mask that sits on your nose, then its a sticky strip that hardens and pulls off, then the third strip is a sheet mask again.  It was a fun process, but also a lot of work to keep track of the time and keep changing steps.  For $4 I would suggest giving it a try, but for me personally I don’t think I will repurchase.

Overall, the egg trend is still really interesting to me!  I will continue to check it out, and maybe even try making my own DIY egg white mask at home!  Let me know what your favorite skin care ingredients are!

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