Everyone wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day!  I wanted to share a few things that you can do to try and get yourself wedding-day ready and feeling your best for your big day!  These are all of the things that I am personally going to do leading up to my wedding.  Just remember that the truth is, even if you have a pesky pimple the day of or your hair just won’t cooperate, you still get to marry the love of your life and THAT is what it’s all about!


IMG_4823 (1) Mario Badescu AHA Body Soap

Price: $8

It’s all about the A.H.A’s!!!  Alpha Hydroxy Acids are known for their exfoliating abilities.  I will go more into detail about these later, but they are a true skincare game changer.  I LOVE this body soap from Mario Badescu because it really gets rid of any little bumps you may have on your arms or legs and brightens your overall complexion.  It also smells amazing!



IMG_4827 (1) Exuviance Peel

Price: $77

I picked this pack up during the Ulta 21 days of beauty for half off–I just couldn’t pass it up!  I wanted something stronger to add to my skincare regimen before the wedding, and with over 400 amazing reviews I knew I had to try this.

Once again, we have an AHA product.  The word “peel” might scare a lot of people, because who wants to actually peel!?  But most peels do not make your skin peel off.  They just exfoliate the top layer of your skin using chemicals instead of physical beads.  For myself, I notice a BIG difference using chemical exfoliators versus physical.  This box is a 6 week supply of 2 step pads that you swipe all over your face, neck, and I go over my arms too.  It is said to smooth texture, shrink pores, even skin tone, create brightness, and diminish wrinkles.  I have definitely noticed that my dark spots are lightening and my texture is pretty much gone!  So far I am really glad I have this!  It’s the perfect pre-wedding boost!

Son & Park Beauty Water  Price: $30

Ole Henrikson Invigorating Night Transformation Gel  Price: $48

OIe Henrikson Invigorating Night Transformation Cream  Price: $50

Surprise, more AHAs!  Honestly, when I was introduced to AHAs it changed my skin.  When I would try new products, the oiliness and texture would come right back, and I would get out my AHA gel, and my skin would go back to normal!  I have had so many estheticians recommend AHA products to me, so I finally decided to give it a try and I have been so happy with my skin ever since!  Everyone is different, but for me–I am no longer oily, I rarely breakout like I used to, my skin tone is finally becoming more even, my skin is brighter, and my makeup goes on so smooth.  Every single night I use these 3 products, and that’s it!  This is my holy grail combination!

I’ve said it once in a previous post (Sephora & Ulta Haul!) and I will say it again, this “water” is amazing and I don’t see myself ever being without it.  After I wash my face or use a makeup wipe, I put some of this on a cotton round and swipe it over my entire face and I get SO MUCH DIRT that I didn’t even see on my skin!  It’s amazing!  I really think that just properly cleaning my skin with this has led to my skin texture clearing up because my pores do not get as clogged.

Ole Henrikson makes my favorite skincare products.  I think the brand is a little underrated, because I haven’t tried a single thing that I did not like!  These two products from the invigorating night transformation line work together like a DREAM.  Yes, this is the old packaging, but that’s because I find these at TJ Maxx for about 1/3 of the price!!!  Even if I had to pay full price for these, I would do it in a heartbeat because they work for me so well.  You put the gel serum on first, and you will experience some tingling.  Wait for that to dry down, and follow with the cream!  Whenever I wake up my skin is noticeably brighter and any potential bumps I had coming up are either diminished or gone.  My fiancé has even made comments about my skin glowing!

For your daytime skincare, be sure to follow up with SPF!  AHA products can make you more sensitive to the sun, so be sure you are protecting yourself during the day!

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.16.56 AM.png

The slogan of the popular hydrafacial sounds like wedding-ready skin to me!  I have watched as so many of my favorite YouTubers receive hydrafacials before big events, and their skin is always glowing!  They rave about the results, and I have always wanted to try one.  The thing is that for a facial, they are very pricey.  But, what better time to splurge than for your wedding!?  I finally booked one for myself for a week before the wedding and I am soooo excited to see what it’s all about!  The website says it is for all skin types and will help with congested skin, fine lines, skin texture, vibrancy, elasticity, and pores.  They use what is called a “vortex” tool to suction everything out of your pores and leave your skin silky smooth.  At the end, they even show you your skin’s “waste”! (Ew, but cool?).  I can’t wait to share my results!  The average cost of a hydrafacial is around $150.

IMG_6549.JPG Lastly for skincare, I always recommend doing 1 sheet mask a week!  Not only do they benefit your skin, they are so relaxing!!!  I always look forward to sitting down with my face mask and some wine and just unwinding for 20 minutes!  I still suggest My Top 5 Sheet Masks because these are really the ones I use all of the time!  Depending on what your skin needs, these can offer hydration, clarity, brightness, you name it!

Other Beauty Tips

Teeth Whitening

IMG_4826 (1) Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle

Price: $47

I want whiter teeth for the wedding, but my teeth are so sensitive!  Any time that I use the regular white strips, my teeth hurt for days.  I have found that using the gentle routine strips for just 10 minutes a day is perfect for me!  This pack has 28 treatments, so for the month before the wedding, it’s perfect to pop these on every night while you get ready for bed!


IMG_8888.JPG This is one of my absolute favorite pre-wedding “beauty” things to share.  I really love the idea of having a wedding day scent.  Smells have the ability to bring back memories and take you back to certain times in your life, and I wanted to choose a special perfume to do that for our wedding.  My plan is to only wear it on our anniversary so that it can remind us of our special day!  So, we went together to Neiman Marcus to start smelling perfumes and decide on the perfect one, and we ended up finding scents for both of us!  Everyone is very different when it comes to perfumes and colognes, so what smells good on my skin might smell totally different on the next person.  I ended up choosing the Armani Prive Pivione Suzhou which has a raspberry and rose scent.  For my fiancé, we picked the Armani Prive Vetiver D’Hiver which lists its fragrance notes as woodsy and raw.  What made this so special was that the woman who helped us at the counter was SO nice and told us that we could get a special wooden box to showcase our fragrances along with free engraving!  This is a pricey item for sure, but I am so happy that we have scents that we can wear on special occasions that will always remind us of our wedding.  This is the first item we had engraved with our joint last name, and I’m so happy we did this!  Also, she gave us an atomizer to fill with our fragrances so that we do not have to travel with these glass bottles!  So helpful!


IMG_4802 (1)  Don’t forget to pack your favorite pair of sunglasses!  For us with a destination wedding, this was a must.  When one of my favorite YouTubers, Desi Perkins, came out with her new Quay X Desi sunnies in white, I thought they were perfect!  I’m so excited to wear these on our wedding vacation!


Hair and Makeup

Don’t forget to plan out your hair and makeup for the big day!  Get on Pinterest and see what you are drawn to.  You will want to send pictures to your hairstylist and makeup artist before hand so they have a good idea of what you want.  Also, keep in mind what you want your hair to be like for the wedding.  Do you picture it long?  A different color?  Prepare accordingly and make appointments to help get your hair exactly how you want it before you go to your hair trials.

Nails and Eyebrows

Make your appointments ahead of time!  When my eyebrows are trimmed and cleaned up, it makes everything look so much better.  I get them threaded about once a month and I love it!  As for nails, going with something white will always look nice!  Just make sure you get the appointment close to your wedding day so that it all stays nice and perfect with no chips!


We don’t want to look pale next to our white wedding dress!  It’s controversial, but I personally think that tanning in a bed for a week is the best way to get a good solid base color and glow.  I have very rarely seen a spray tan that looks good, and even if parts of it look good, the hands ALWAYS get rubbed off and look splotchy.  I don’t want a picture of my holding my bouquet with patchy hands!  So plan accordingly and get a couple day pass to a tanning salon right before your wedding to get some healthy looking color!


Yes, “shedding for the wedding” is a popular thing and we all want to look our best.  Personally, I think it is more important to go to the gym before the wedding in order to help you manage your stress!  Exercising can be a huge part in stress relief, and with all of the planning, you will need something to help you unwind!  Go to the gym to be healthy both physically and mentally!


There you have it!  My beauty and wellness tips to help you get ready for the wedding!  Please let me know if there are any tips that helped you get ready for your wedding!


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  1. I cannot WAIT to marry my best friend.

    I love you with all of my heart and great writing as ALWAYS 🙂

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