I have been SO EXCITED for this launch!!! My excitement stemmed from the fact that I follow and support Mario Dedivanovic because he is an extremely talented and inspiring makeup artist.  I have followed Mario’s work for years now, and he is constantly at the forefront of makeup trends, always trying new things and making us look at makeup in a whole new way.  Mario is most well-known for being Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist.  While you can have any opinion of Kim that you want, there is no denying that she has been a makeup icon for going on 10 years now.  The looks that Mario has created on Kim over the years have become the industry standard that everyone looks to duplicate.  Heard of contouring?  Probably because of Mario.  The huge nude lip trend?  Oh yeah, that was Mario and Kim.  Baking your undereye?  Once again, Mario.  I’m not saying that Mario “created” these techniques, as many of them originated in the Drag community, but he did hone his skills and show us how to use these techniques in our every day makeup routines.

Another reason that I look up to Mario as an artist is because he started just like any of us, and rose to success by taking chances.  He started working at Sephora–not even in the makeup department!!  He was in fragrances, but kept giving makeup advice until he was able to switch departments.  Now Mario is one of the biggest makeup artists in the world, giving Master Classes around the globe every year to thousands of people hoping to learn from him.  I will insert one of his recent posts on Instagram that I absolutely love.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.22.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.22.27 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.20.58 PM

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.21.09 PM

It gives me goosebumps every time!!  That “swipe left to see how that turned out” shows 6 of Mario and Kim’s Vogue covers together.  Mario is an inspiration, and it just goes to show you that you HAVE to trust your gut.  If Mario would have listened to all of the people who told him that doing Kim’s makeup would ruin his career, just image how different things would be.  Sometimes, you have to do the “unpopular” thing if it feels right to you and just see where it takes you.  Especially in a creative industry such as this, there are no right or wrong answers.  Trends don’t start by doing the same makeup look over and over.  Try something new.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Follow your passion.  I hope that one day I get to attend a Master Class by Mario and see him work in person!  Now, let’s get into the collection and see what it’s all about!

IMG_4790 (1)

IMG_4795 (1)

This collection consists of one eyeshadow palette ($45), 2 lipglosses ($18 each), and 1 lipstick ($20).  The whole bundle together is priced at $85.  One of the reasons that I was so excited about the lip products they released is because Mario created them to be worn on ANY skin tone.  He created this entire collection with makeup artists in mind.  As someone who is trying to build their own kit and have something for everyone when I am on set or at a wedding, I was so excited to hear that with this collection, Mario said you could do anyone’s makeup and have it look amazing.  It is extremely difficult to have lip colors and eyeshadows that suit everyone, so this was amazing news!  And let me just say that I completely agree with Mario, these colors look good on so many people with so many different skin tones.

IMG_4797 (1)

My favorite part of this bundle is the eyeshadow palette!  These colors are SO creamy and pigmented, and I expected nothing less from Mario.  I honestly have used at least one shade from this palette every single day since I received it.  I am the most excited (like everyone else on social media) about the blue he created.  It is the most perfect royal blue I have ever used.  The very first look I created on myself with this palette was using the blue, and I was so happy with it!  Are the warm tones similar to other colors you may own?  Probably, but I would be willing to bet that the quality of these are better.  I have been so impressed with this palette, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a completely versatile, one stop eyeshadow palette.  Whether you are a beginner or not, you can do so many different looks with just this one palette.  Plus, I get SO excited when I see Mario take this on set to do photo shoots with celebrities like Ariana Grande and Bebe Rexha, I immediately try and recreate his looks!

IMG_4799 (1)

Top to Bottom: Juicy, Super Nude, Classic K

All of these lip products are extremely opaque and pigmented.  I have been wearing the “Classic K” lipstick a lot, because it really does go with everything.  My favorite gloss is “Juicy”, because it has just enough peachy-ness to it and it makes your lips look so glossy.  “Super nude” is a little too fair for me, but I love that I can have it in my kit and it looks great on other skin tones.  “Classic K” also pairs well with so many lip liners!  It takes me one swipe to completely cover my lips in color, and I love how creamy and non-drying it is.

Overall, this is my favorite new makeup collection that I have purchased this year (and probably ever, but we will see).  The collection sold out the first time in 12 minutes, so I was thrilled to be one of the lucky ones who was able to grab it!  I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something extremely versatile!  This can easily take you from day to night, from casual to glam, and everything in between.  I hope to see more from Mario in the future!  In 2008 Mario did Kim’s makeup for the first time, and now he has launched a collection with her on the SAME DAY 10 years later!!!  Dreams do come true.  Let me know what you thought of this collection!

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