With so many big, successful brands out there, it can be extremely daunting and challenging to take the leap and start your own.  I absolutely love to support new, up and coming brands, especially when they are run by incredible makeup artists who know the industry and pay attention to what we need.  I look up to brand owners like this in hopes that maybe one day I could be one too.

Alamar Cosmetics was founded by Gabriela Trujillo, a Miami based makeup artist.  Long before Gaby started Alamar, I knew her as a close friend to Kathleen Lights (one of my favorite YouTubers) and the makeup artist behind all of the KL Polish marketing campaigns.  Just scrolling through Gaby’s Instagram feed you will find gorgeous bridal makeup, Boxycharm tutorials, and tons of colorful and textured looks–all of which give inspiration to other artists!

When she announced that she was creating her own brand, I was so excited!  I knew I would support whatever she came out with, but then when she tied it so closely to her culture and what was important to her, I thought that was such a genuine and passionate thing to do.  Alamar means “stay close to the sea”, which roots her brand in the idea that she wants to always remain tied to her native Cuban culture.  So if you are interested in supporting another woman in the makeup industry who is working hard to make it, who shares her experiences of staying up late hand packing her shipment orders in her kitchen, who invested in herself and her future, check out Alamar Cosmetics.  As I am about to show you, you won’t be disappointed!


So far, Alamar has released an eyeshadow palette and a brush trio.  I own the palette–Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1, and I was honestly blown away the first time I swatched this.  First, the packaging is some of the cutest I have seen.  The tropical flowers and colors just make you instantly happy, I absolutely love the design and the size of the palette is perfect–not to bulky but not too tiny either.


The quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows are insane.  I have eyeshadows in my collection that are considered “high end” or “luxury” that swatch the same as these.  What I love the most about this is that is isn’t something I have seen before.  We have all seen a “neutral warm tone” palette from literally every single brand.  Sometimes I feel like “new” releases of makeup are nothing completely “new” or innovative.  These colors are like nothing else that I own.  Sure, I have a dark brown like “cafecito”, but “el malecon”, “celia”, even “”tropico” are colors that are incredibly unique!  You have to include colors like “coco-taxi” and “cafecito” in order to create a palette that people can use for their entire eye look.  This palette is warm for fall, it’s summery, it really is a year-round gem.

I am extremely passionate about makeup.  It’s just something I love and I never get tired of it.  With that, I take a lot of time and do a ton of research into the products, brands, and influencers that I choose to follow and support.  That is why I really wanted to take the time to highlight a brand and its’ owner who I think deserves to thrive in an industry that can make it extremely difficult for any smaller company to survive.  I can’t wait to see what is coming next from Alamar!

Let me know if you have tried anything from this brand!

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  1. AMAZING post as always!! Awesome pictures, really cool packaging, and great writeup.

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