When TrendMood broke the news back in the beginning of January that Urban Decay was planning a new Street Style Brow Collection, I immediately screenshot the campaign images and marked my calendar!  What got me excited about this launch was the innovative ideas–we are not just getting another brow pomade or pencil!  FINALLY!  They have created simple, easy to use products for ANY brow goal you have.

I was actually able to snag 3 of the 4 products before they fully launched, so I have been testing these out and loving the results.  I have all of my products in the shade “Brown Sugar”.



First up, the most talked about product on YouTube and by beauty influencers–the Brow Blade.  This product is dual-ended with one side as a traditional pencil and the other containing a felt tip ink pen.  Urban Decay suggests that you shape and begin to fill your brows with the pencil side, and then use the pen side to create hair-like strokes and add dimension.  I have heard several people say that this product gives them a “microbladed” eyebrow look, and I completely agree.  The pencil is very similar to other pencil products, but where this shines is in the pen.  I have never used anything like it.  This product is perfect for someone who has a lot of filling in to do–meaning you need to “create” a brow shape and have several spots you like to fill in with color.  I love the look of a pencil in the brow, but I never realized how much actual hair-like strokes can enhance the overall look.

Good For: Sparse brows that need a good amount of filling in and shaping

Achievable Brow Look: Structured, microbladed, semi-dramatic to dramatic

Brow Blade $26



The Double Down Brow is a powder duo that has a putty texture when you first feel it, but transforms into a powder upon application.  I like that it comes with two colors to do an ombre brow, and I do think the spoolie and brush combo being included is a nice touch.  I don’t think this is a game-changing powder because we have seen this before, but I do love the consistency.  Usually I prefer a powder with a little shimmer in it to give my brows a more natural and dimensional look (sounds crazy, but trust me it makes a big difference), but I have been really enjoying using the lighter shade in the front of my brow and the darker shade towards my tail for a more gradient look.  If you are in the market for a brow powder, I think this is a great deal to get two shades and a brush!  Plus, the formula is waterproof–so it won’t budge all day!

Good For: Brows with a decent shape to them, but just need some filling in

Achievable Brow Look: Natural, soft, and full

Double Down Brow $29



Brow Endowed is my favorite product from the new collection!  While I love a full glam and it’s my favorite thing to do on other people, for my own personal day to day I usually wear a very little amount of makeup and I like to get ready quickly.  This is why I always gravitate towards and love brow gels!  I have tried several–Sephora CollectionAnastasia Beverly HillsBenefit, and more–and I think I can officially say that this new one has taken the spot as number one for me.  What makes this special to me is specifically the primer end.  This primer is no joke!  You can see it making your hairs thicker and more voluminous as you brush it through, and no other brow gel I have tried does that.  Then, after the primer has fully been run through the hairs, you use the other end to disperse the color on top.  The color also sets the brows in place, so then you are good to go!  I also love that the color can quickly fill in any little sections that I wish had more hair.

Good For: Quick, out the door brows!  Brows that are pretty full already, just need taming and a little color

Achievable Brow Look: Fluffy, voluminous, feathery, natural

Brow Endowed $28

If you’re looking to pick up a product from this collection, I truly think you can’t go wrong with any of them.  My advice is to think about what brow look you are going for, and then you will know which product can get you there.  All of these products are easy to use and make getting ready a breeze.  For most people, brows are the most daunting and time consuming part of their routine, but they don’t have to be!  The right products make all the difference.  I hope that we see more innovative and revolutionary makeup releases in 2019!

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  1. It’s so cool you were able to get these products early!!! That’s really awesome.

    Great writeup, love the pictures, and I missed your writing. So glad it’s back!

  2. I’ve missed your writing too! I never use anything on my brows because when I try I always feel like it looks fake and way overdone, but this post makes me think I should try some different products and maybe it would achieve the more natural look that I want. 🙂

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