Due to high demand, I will now be offering a “Skip the Line” option for those clients that possibly have an event, a trip planned, or just really need to get in during a time period where there are currently no openings! In order to utilize this option, I will be coming in early, staying late, or possibly sacrificing a day off—so these appointment times will be offered at a higher rate.  The schedule typically is booked out 6-8 weeks in advance, so this is for anyone who really needs that last minute spot and is willing to obtain their spot at a higher price!  Otherwise, I highly encourage everyone to prebook their appointments and get on the schedule on the days and times that work the best for you.  

***If you are interested in a date or time that you currently do not see available on the calendar—text, call, or direct message me with the dates you would like to come in and I will send you the time options along with the confirmation of the price increase to “Skip the Line” ***

Keep in mind, the “Skip the Line” option secures a spot that is outside of typical business hours so that you can absolutely get in when needed. There is still a cancellation list that I go through whenever a new opening becomes available! The cancellation list is to fill a regular spot during normal operating times. It is hit and miss and not guaranteed of course. So depending on the urgency you can decide whether the cancellation list or “Skip the Line” is the best option for you!

*Other Important Booking Notes*

  • Brow Shape + Styles, Brow Wax + Tints, or any Facial Waxing service will only be done as an ADD ON to another service and are no longer offered as stand alone services