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Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day!  I wanted to share a few things that you can do to try and get yourself wedding-day ready and feeling your best for your big day!  These are all of the things that I am personally going to do leading up to my wedding.  Just remember that the truth is, even if you have a … Read More Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

Amalfi Coast, Italy Trip Itinerary

We all want to make the most out of our time when on vacation, especially when traveling abroad.  There are so many things to do and you have to fit it all into a limited window of time!  This can be the hardest part of planning a trip, and for us, we were also including a wedding!  I wanted to share our itinerary so … Read More Amalfi Coast, Italy Trip Itinerary


How To Plan A Destination/International Wedding

April is here!!! I can barely believe it because exactly 1 month from today I will be boarding a plane to head to my WEDDING in Italy!  I have been planning this wedding for about a year now, and I am beyond excited that it’s almost time for it to happen!  With that being said, I want to start a 4 part weekly series … Read More How To Plan A Destination/International Wedding


The Four Agreements

For my first blog post of 2018, I wanted to share something that could not only help you to have a great year, but it could change your outlook on life.  I was told to read The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz for my yoga teacher training, and once I started it, I could not put it down.  As you can see above, my copy is … Read More The Four Agreements

Current Hair Care Must-Haves

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Monthly Favorites: October

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Find Three Hobbies You Love

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I Met Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper: DREAMS COME TRUE

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